PCR Charter

PCR Charter: lifelong commitment to better patient care

William Wijns, the PCR Chairman, invites healthcare professionals from across the globe to read and consider the charter before adding their signature

As PCR Companions, we are committed to serve the needs of each individual patient by supporting and helping the cardiovascular community to share knowledge, experience and practice.

In order to achieve this mission, the needs of the patient will always come first! We will be caring for each individual patient and their family with an open mind, adapting to the local environment and culture, without consideration for borders, privileges, biases or prejudice.

Our mission is bigger than ourselves, but together we achieve more. As a community of healthcare professionals, our collaborative impact far exceeds the sum of what individuals working alone could deliver.

We are committed to lifelong learning and an ongoing quest for improvement based on self-appraisal and the continuous evaluation of our actions. Sharing and discussion among peers of problem-oriented case-based solutions are transformative and impactful learning engines.
As PCR Companions, we are all team players and form a worldwide community of learners. We engage with people from different countries, continents, and cultures to share experiences and derive meaning from each other’s knowledge and practice.
We interact in a respectful and non-judgemental way, adhering to strong work ethics, with honesty, integrity and humility.

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